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Spring Produce Preview

Spring Produce Preview


Whether you’re holding your breath for strawberries or prepping your pie crusts for peaches, everyone wants to know when spring goodies will be brightening up dinner time. In working with farmers across our country for 3 years now, we’ve learned that produce seasons are far more determined by the weather than they are by the calendar, so we wanted to give you the inside scoop on what’s going to be available this spring and when. Here’s what you need to know about this spring. Be sure to download our spring produce storage guide so you can make the most of this seasonal bounty!

Stone Fruit Suspense

The California stone fruit season is currently delayed several weeks due to rainy weather and cold temperatures in the Central Valley. This means that we’ll have apricots in boxes starting in early May, followed by peaches and nectarines shortly after. We’ve also just started working with Georgia and South Carolina peach growers, so our Washington, D.C. and Maryland customers can expect to see peaches from them once the peach season begins in the South in the late spring and early summer.

Behold the Beautiful Berries

Our Texas customers can look forward to organic strawberries starting in late March. In California, the strawberry hub of Watsonville has seen a lot of rain and cold, delaying their harvests until late April. Blueberries will start being available out of Oxnard starting in early May.

Spicy Specialities

Fun fact: Chili pepper season is actually the hottest party to occur in the Coachella valley every year. We’ll have several exciting varieties of chili peppers available starting in mid-April including fruity Anaheims, versatile jalapeños, and spicy serranos. Keep an eye out for Fresno peppers, which have one of our favorite balances of sweet and spicy flavor, and are perfect for pickling!

Peas and Thank You

In April, we’ll have an abundance of delicious snow peas from our friends at Jacobs Del Cabo as well as sugar snap peas for snacking. Your stir fries are about to welcome an all-star new teammate.

Texas Goes Green

Texas’s leafy green season is heating up this April in the Lone Star State. We’re excited to share hydroponically grown butter lettuce plus Texas-grown kale, cabbage, romaine with our San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and Dallas customers.

The Summer Teaser

Impatient for summer treats like melons? You should know that the melon season has been off to a very slow start thanks to record cold temperatures in the melon-growing hotbed of Southern Arizona. As a reference point, this year our growers have reported the fewest number of days above 80 degrees since the 1950s. Mother Nature has certainly been giving melons the cold shoulder this year but things are starting to warm up. You can expect melons along with other fruits like cherries and plums once summer kicks off in June.

Want to make the most of your spring produce? Store it properly so it doesn’t go to waste. Be sure to get your your copy of our spring produce storage guide for useful tips!

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