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What to do With Leftover Condiments

What to do With Leftover Condiments


Whether you’re planning to grill everything in your box this summer or just gearing up to clean out your fridge afterwards, we want to make sure you have lots of delicious options. This July, we want to help you celebrate your independence from waste, so we’re sharing some easy ways to create something delicious with what's already in your fridge, starting with the million and one condiments we all seem to accumulate after barbecues.


If there are a few teaspoons of mustard clinging to the inside of a jar, don’t give up. That last bit of mustard is the perfect addition to an easy vinaigrette, and you can even use that mustard jar to mix the vinaigrette for a truly zero-waste dressing.

Pickle Juice

Pickles, whether homemade or store-bought, are perhaps the ultimate snack. Just be sure to keep the pickle juice when you finish them since it makes an easy and delicious marinade for meat or vegetables. We love it as a fool-proof way to brine chicken, but you should experiment and find your favorite way to use pickle juice! It’s also excellent dashed into a Bloody Mary.


Think ketchup is just good for burgers and fries? Think again! Ketchup is one of the most versatile sauces we regularly cook with since it's got a perfect balance of sweet, salty, savory, and tangy flavor. This means that the last bit of ketchup is the perfect foundation for a glaze or even a homemade sweet and sour or barbecue sauce.

Have other condiments around?

Any hot sauce is delicious when combined with yogurt to make a creamy, spicy dip or a base for coleslaw.

Hoisin sauce is the perfect sweet and salty addition to a vinaigrette or homemade barbecue sauce.

Worcestershire sauce is the secret ingredient for exceptional homemade Caesar salad dressing.

Sriracha is excellent mixed with butter or oil and spread on corn on the cob.

If you’ve got a lot of leftover condiments after a barbecue, you can always combine your extra ketchup, relish, mayo, horseradish, and Worcestershire Sauce to make homemade Russian dressing to put on a sandwich!

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