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Ciara Bravo's 6 Sustainability Tips

Ciara Bravo's 6 Sustainability Tips


Have you ever wondered how you can help tackle environmental issues as big as food waste and climate change? We sat down with actress and sustainability guru Ciara Bravo and she shared her favorite actionable tips for making a positive impact on the environment. Here’s what she had to say:

“It’s all about baby steps. If you're anything like me, an anxiety-ridden bundle of nerves, each new article regarding climate change and the need for immediate action may also leave you with an overwhelming sense of dread. If you, too, are drowning in the many answers to the question ‘what can I do?’ I’ve compiled a list of 6 easy actions you can take. “

1. Carry a reusable coffee cup or water bottle

By far the easiest and most popular step you can take. If you drink 8 glasses of water a day, that equates to 4 water bottles. By carrying a reusable bottle you could be saving 1,460 plastic water bottles from going to the landfill every year. What a power move! An added perk: many coffee shops will give you a discount for bringing your own cup.

2. Bring containers when you go out to eat

Who doesn’t love a second dinner? When you go out to a restaurant, throw some Tupperware in your bag for the leftovers. Not into midnight snacking? Have it for lunch the next day. Eliminate food waste and save the use of plastic/styrofoam takeout containers.

3. When you’re gone during the day, set your thermostat to 78 degrees or higher

No one is expecting you to keep your AC off at night. Sweating in your sleep is never ideal, but a good way to save energy and lower that bill is to leave it off during the day! If you’re home, open some windows and let in the fresh air. This is also a great way to get that dewy glow Instagram is always talking about.

4. Ditch the straw

Avoiding single-use plastic straws is a great way to show the world that you respect turtles as much as that zombie kid we’ve all seen on Youtube. But if a straw is a must for you, there a loads of great stainless steel reusable options available for a reasonable price.

5. Line dry your clothes

This is an easy way to save energy during laundry day, while also saving time and saving your clothes. Line drying, from personal experience, keeps your clothes looking better for much longer.

6. If it’s within a mile, walk

Cars are one of the major causes of global warming. While we can’t eliminate them completely, an attainable way of using them less is by walking if your destination is within a mile. Maybe you live far out? When in town, try leaving your car parked in one location and then walking to the next. (Your butt will look so good!)

Living more sustainably is an ongoing journey, so forgive yourself on those days where you use a plastic straw/cup or leave the water running for a little too long. None of us is perfect. All we can ever do is our best!

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