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What September Has In Store For Your Imperfect Box

What September Has In Store For Your Imperfect Box

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No one wake up Green Day yet. September is still going strong! This “golden hour” of a month is a magical time for all of us, since we get to combine the grand finale of the summer fruit that we love with the sweet arrival of a whole new cast of characters. So squash those doubts about how you’ll survive without stone fruit around, put on a sweater, start a batch of jam or pickles, and let’s get stoked about fall together! What’s around the corner this September? 

The return of the sweet potato

While you may see them on supermarket shelves almost year-round, September is a particularly magical time for sweet potatoes. Since sweet potatoes are traditionally harvested between July and November, before the winter rains hit the fields, early season sweet potatoes are some of the freshest of the season. While they’ll be around for months to come, now is a great time to brush up on your favorite sweet potato recipes, or learn a new one! 

The perfect pear

Everyone’s favorite fruit duo, apples and pears, are coming into peak season as we speak. In the Pacific Northwest, the apple and pear harvest is underway and pear fans in particular can look forward to some exceptional early season varieties like Starkrimsons and green and red Bartletts. Our Midwestern customers can get excited about the start of Michigan's prolific apple season, which should make for some excellent pies, tarts, cakes, and snacks in the months ahead. 

A sweet year for sweet peppers

Pepper fans are in for a good month, since this time of year is when pepper quality and variety is hard to beat. We’re excited to have specialty peppers like shishitos and padróns as well as bags of mini sweet peppers from our friends at Jacobs Farm / Del Cabo for all of your snacking, roasting, and frittata needs. 

Curvy cucumbers 

Looking for a truly wonky veggie to add to your next box? Look no further than the curvy cucumbers we’ve been sourcing in the Pacific Northwest! After learning about a grower that couldn’t sell entire truckloads of scarred and misshapen cucumbers, we began sourcing as many of this wonderfully imperfect cucumbers as we could. They’re perfect for your next salad or batch of pickles and we hope you’ll help us give them the home they deserve! 

A special surprise

Your next box may be the most egg-cellent one yet thanks to a brand new addition to our grocery lineup. Stay tuned because we’ll reveal some exciting news on Monday, September 9th! 

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